Designed to Innovate is about just that:  helping you – yourself, your group, your organization – become more designed and ready to innovate.   It’s also about design as a means to innovation –  a mode, method and mentality towards innovation.  In other words, it’s about designing  to innovate.

Why innovation?  Check out this post on why innovation has become so prominent, and this post on why it remains so elusive for individuals and organizations.

Why design?  Check out this post on what this design thing is really about, and this post on how it has become the

Why innovation and design together?  As this post explains, of all the different ways an organization can approach innovation, a design-based approach is the most repeatable, and most fruitful, and ultimately the most powerful.  It would be an overstatement to say that design IS innovation, but at least for the most interesting forms of innovation, you wouldn’t be too off the mark in asserting it anyway.  

This blog explores the power of design as a means to being more innovative, both as an individual and as a group.  I invite you to join me on the exploration of this topic – to read and add to the thoughts and comments being shared – and to see if you don’t find yourself becoming a little more designed to innovate in the process.

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